CQC Workshop

The first QEC Quantum Computing Workshop at ETH – finished to great success!  

Many thanks to our interdisciplinary audience, our industry partner @Cambridge Quantum Computing and our organiser @Dominik Haegi for this insightful, industry-related Quantum Computing Workshop. It was a pleasure to see students participating with verve. And after this long time of home schooling, it was especially rewarding to see a part of the audience enjoying the workshop together in a lecture hall.

The broad spectrum of talks – including a presentation of Cambridge Quantum Computing, a discussion on the productization and commercialization of research and a programming session on tket – suited great to our interdisciplinary audience and covered all interests. The direct and personal interaction with @Mark Jackson and @Mehdi Bozzo-Rey from Cambridge Quantum Computing was a great experience and offered students the opportunity to not only get to know the company in depth but also to learn from their carrier path.

This won’t be the last Quantum Computing Workshop by QEC. So, stay tuned!