About us

The Quantum Engineering Commission (QEC) is the student association of the Quantum Engineering Master Programme at ETH Zürich. It was founded in February 2020 by the first “batch” of QE students.

Goals are:

  1. Engaging students with the field of Quantum Engineering through technical events such as the Quantum Paper Club and events with the industry.
  2. Supporting students in their studies by organizing oral exam simulations and providing a study guide and a mentor-mentee program.
  3. Improving the cohesion inside the Quantum Engineering Master program by organizing social events. Our football team represents us in the ASVZ tournament, we go running and climbing weekly. Events are organized to keep people in touch (even during the COVID-19 pandemic). The quantum community in Switzerland is growing: let’s all be part of it!

We are a commission close to its members. Our main goal is not to organize events for our members, but rather support our members to organize their events. The QEC’s purpose is giving the student’s projects credibility and long-term stability.

Although being young, the QEC’s network is already in place, but we want to give it a structural backbone that will allow the structure last in the years. 

Here-below you can find the administrative charters which govern our commission.

Thanks to AMIV for allowing us to build this commission up so quickly.