Talk – William D. Oliver (MIT)

Talk – William D. Oliver (MIT)

Talk – William D. Oliver (MIT)

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The QEC is very excited to be hosting a talk by Professor William D. Oliver from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Giant Artificial Atoms and Molecules: Chiral (Directional) Photon Emission via Waveguide QED


William D. Oliver, Ph.D.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Department of Physics

Principal Investigator, Engineering Quantum Systems Group

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


In this talk, we present a demonstration of “giant artificial atoms” realized with superconducting qubits in a waveguide QED architecture. The superconducting qubits couple to the waveguide at multiple, well-separated locations. In this configuration, the dipole approximation no longer holds, and the giant atom may quantum mechanically self-interfere. This system enables tunable qubit-waveguide couplings with large on-off ratios and a coupling spectrum that can be engineered by design. Multiple, interleaved qubits in this architecture can be switched between protected and emissive configurations, while retaining qubit-qubit interactions mediated by the waveguide. Using this architecture, we generate a Bell state with 94% fidelity, despite both qubits being strongly coupled to the waveguide. We furthermore use an artificial molecule comprising two qubits to demonstrate directional photon emission with 97% fidelity (a chiral waveguide). These works along with 3D integration target modular quantum information processing platform mediated by quantum interconnects.


17:15 – 18:15 Talk
18:15 – 19:15 Apéro

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Date And Time

05.12.2023 @ 17:15

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