Semester Projects

In the official website of the MsC in Quantum Engineering, it is possible to find a list with all the professors that can supervise a Semester Project in this program. However, this list is not very comprehensive, and, at the end of the day, everyone has had to search for each individual name to see what group each professor works in and what his research labour is. In this way, in the QEC we have decided to do this work for you and offer a well-ordered table with all the information needed to find a Semester Project that suits your needs. Note that this list is not meant to be comprehensive, and only should serve as guide and inspiration.

(Note: section under construction. Please report any typos or errors. This page needs to be manually updated every academic year. Last update: 08.12.2021 by Pablo Á.)

ITETIntegrated Systems LaboratoryDigital Circuits and Systems🌐BENINI, Luca
Analog and Mixed Signal Design 🌐 HUANG, Qiuting
Energy Efficient Circuits and IoT Systems 🌐 JANG, Taekwang
Integrated Information Processing 🌐 STUDER, Christoph
Nano-​TCAD 🌐 LUISIER, Mathieu
Institute of Electromagnetic Fields 🌐 LEUTHOLD, Juerg
Chair for Mathematical Information Science 🌐 BΓ–LCSKEI, Helmut
Automatic Control Laboratory 🌐 DΓ–RFLER, Florian
Signal and Information Processing Laboratory 🌐 LAPIDOTH, Amos
Photonics Laboratory 🌐 FRIMMER, Martin
Photonics at Empa 🌐 BONA, Gian-​Luca
Institute for Electronics 🌐 WOOD, Vanessa
YAREMA, Maksym
Advanced Power Semiconductor Laboratory 🌐 GROSSNER, Ulrike
Institute for Biomedical Engineering 🌐 KOZERKE, Sebastian
PHYSLaboratory for Solid State PhysicsHybrid Quantum Systems 🌐 CHU, Yiwen
Spin Physics 🌐 DEGEN, Christian
Semiconductor Nanostructures 🌐 ENSSLIN, Klaus
IHN, Thomas
Quantum Devices🌐WALLRAFF, Andreas
Semiconductor Quantum Materials 🌐 WEGSCHEIDER, Werner
Institute for Theoretical PhysicsQuantum Information Theory 🌐 RENNER, Renato
RENES, Joseph
Institute for Quantum ElectronicsQuantum Optics 🌐 ESSLINGER,Tilman
Quantum Optoelectronics 🌐 FAIST, Jérôme
SCALARI, Giacomo
Optical Nanomaterials Group 🌐 GRANGE, Rachel
Trapped Ion Quantum Information 🌐 HOME, Jonathan
Quantum Photonics 🌐 IMAMOGLU, Atac
MAVTInstitute of Energy and Process EngineeringNanophotonic Systems Laboratory 🌐 QUIDANT, Romain

Due to its triviality, finding a semester project is left as an exercise to the reader.