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Quantum Control of Trapped Ions with Integrated Photonics



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Alfredo Ricci Vásquez

PhD student, TIQI ETHZ


Scaling up trapped ion quantum information processors requires high fidelity control over many ions. One way of achieving such control is by using a trap with multiple zones, each zone holding few ions which can be manipulated with high fidelity. Operations between the ions are achieved by means of transporting the ions across zones. Although this idea has been demonstrated in small scale, the use of free space optics to control the ions limits its scalability. One way to circumvent this issue us by using ion traps with integrated waveguides and outcouplers in multiple zones. The use of integrated photonics not only increases the scalability of these systems but also allows us to explore light-matter interaction regimes which can be used to achieve faster and higher fidelity quantum control of the ions. I will present our progress into performing multi-zone control of trapped ions in a surface electrode trap with integrated photonics. I will present our progress towards the realization of entangling gates with a standing wave generated using integrated photonics allowing reduced off-resonant couplings and the use of ion transport to interconnect the different zones with integrated photonics in the trap.