ETH Quantum Hackathon 2024

3rd to 5th of May, ETH Zürich, Campus Hönggerberg

Are only 1s and 0s too boring for you? Have you always wanted to program a quantum computer? What about designing one? Following the resounding success of the first two editions of the ETH Quantum Hackathon, we are delighted to invite you for a weekend of hacking once more!

Join our international and multidisciplinary team of students in solving hardware and software challenges of quantum science, meet new like-minded people, network with industry representatives and win amazing prices! We start on Friday evening with industry presentations, a dinner, and a welcome party. We hack from Saturday morning until Sunday lunch time, and end the event with project presentations and a prize ceremony. Optionally, you may join us for lunch, lab tours and an introductory quantum computing lecture on Friday afternoon. You will be able to pull an all-nighter from Saturday to Sunday, so bring your sleeping bags and camping mats in case you want to take a nap.

The event is beginner friendly, and students from all universities are welcome. There is a small participation fee of 10 CHF. Payment details will be sent out together with the confirmation emails after the registration deadline. During the event, food and drinks will be provided. Furthermore, this is an on-site event, remote participation is not possible. Big thanks to our sponsors Quantinuum, Moody’s Analytics, NVIDIA, QuEra, PASQAL, Qilimanjaro and the ETH Quantum Center, for making this possible!

Check out these posts for some impressions of the last two editions:

Location: ETH Hönggerberg Campus, Building HIT.
Address: Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27, 8049 Zürich, Switzerland.

Any questions? Send us an email to .


What skills are required?

In order to tackle the challenges, it will be helpful to understand basic linear algebra concepts and have some programming skills. It will also be easier to dive straight into the challenges if you already have some basic knowledge of quantum computation, in particular the circuit model of quantum computation. If you do not have prior experience with quantum physics/computing or feel in need of a refresher, we highly recommend attending the introductory lecture on Friday and/or having a look at this introductory online tutorial.

How large will the teams be?

The teams will consist of 4 students each. We highly recommend forming interdisciplinary teams with students from different universities. This is a great chance for getting to know new like-minded people!

How are the teams formed?

The teams have to register with all members on Friday night, 3rd of May. There will be plenty of networking opportunities on Friday, so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone prior to the event.

When will the challenges be published?

The challenges will be presented on Friday afternoon, 3rd of May. They will not be uploaded online beforehand

Where do we sleep over the weekend?

For international students, there are two options: on one hand, we will provide rooms on campus/close to campus for sleeping over on Friday and Saturday night – just bring a sleeping bag and mattress! These spots however are limited, thus we will also create a Whatsapp group to put you in touch with ETH participants willing to host other participants. This is also a great chance to find new friends! On Saturday, if you like, you can stay up all night and continue hacking at the hackathon premise, and can simply bring a sleeping bag and mat in case you want to take a nap.

How do I travel to Zürich and are transportation costs reimbursed?

You have to organize your journey to Zürich on your own. On the WhatsApp group, you can check if other people from your city join the hackathon and you can coordinate your travel. Participants of the hackathon have to cover the travel costs on their own. In special situations, where participants are not able to participate in the event without support, we can provide some support. Note, however, that the support that we are able to provide is limited, thus we cannot cover travel cost from outside of Europe in a meaningful way. If you need support, you can contact us beforehand (). We will handle all reimbursements after the event.