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About Qilimanjaro:

Quantum computing will change the world but with current approaches, the
true impact of quantum computers lays at least a decade away. We plan to offer
true quantum computational power to solve industry critical problems,
specifically in the area of optimization and machine learning, in a much shorter

The Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech SL startup company is the quantum spin-off
from the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC), the University of Barcelona
(UB) and the Institute of High-Energy Physics (IFAE) that started operations in
2020 on the back of international customer multi-year contracts.

Qilimanjaro has brought together a great team of scientists with extensive
training, knowledge and experience in international labs at MIT, Caltech,
Waterloo in Toronto, Stony Brook and TU Delft.

Our integrated hardware & software team focuses on superconducting qubits for
gate-based quantum computers to focus on timely and affordable quantum
advantage, by designing next-generation analog quantum processors with high
quality qubits, which do not require quantum error correction and can therefore
be faster-to-market.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to join our permanent staff.

At Qilimanjaro we work on superconducting-based quantum computers, both
gate-based systems as well as our signature product, coherent quantum

Job description:

We’re a quantum computer company powered by a diverse team of tech-savvy
specialists, delivering fresh and innovative solutions through a unique

While we have permanent opening for interns, this is a specific call for an
internship to join in the study of the intellectual property space that involves
the company.


  • Good command of English language (oral and written).
  • Physics degree, preferable in quantum science or solid state physics.

Any of the following skills will be valued:

  • Programming in python.
  • Electromagnetic simulation software (e.g., HFSS, CST, Maxwell, Sonnet).
  • Nanofabrication (e.gLithography, evaporation, sputtering).
  • CAD design for chip structures.
  • Experience in electronics (GHz and radio-frequency domains preferrable).
  • Cryogenics.
  • Former experience in quantum technology laboratories.

Offices: Autonomous University of Barcelona Campus.

Due to applicable legislation, only candidates holding EU citizenship or work
permit are eligible.

Send your application at rrhh@qilimanjaro.tech.

To apply for this job email your details to rrhh@qilimanjaro.tech