The Bohring Team

The Bohring Team and The QuanTeam are the football team of the Quantum Engineering programme. We participate with more or less success in the Semesterturnier organized by ASVZ and we will be joining the next Boltzmann Cup edition organised by the Physics Department.

If you want to join us, you can contact the team’s captain Paul (

The QuanTeam

L’équipe – The QuanTeam02.1020.50-21.35Rämi C
Naedim – The QuanTeam09.1020.00-20.45Rämi D
Grunited FC – The QuanTeam16.1020.50-21.35Rämi C
Pokalsieg20 – The QuanTeam23.1019.05-19.50Rämi C
FcLaurentius – The QuanTeam30.1020.50-21.35Rämi C
Kickererbsen – The QuanTeam06.1120.00-20.45Rämi C
Les Bois – The QuanTeam13.1120.50-21.35Rämi C
lordbendtner – The QuanTeam20.1120.00-20.45Rämi C

The Bohring Team

MUFFEFEGER – Bohring Team01.1019.05-19.50Rämi C
SixInHarmony – Bohring Team08.1019.05-19.50Rämi C
FC Füürball – Bohring Team15.1019.05-19.50Rämi C
DynamoÖrlike – Bohring Team22.1019.05-19.50Rämi C
PEREÇAO – Bohring Team29.1019.05-19.50Rämi C
AC Cappatoio – Bohring Team05.1119.05-19.50Rämi C
Quants – Bohring Team12.1119.05-19.50Rämi C
Bohring Team – Socca Moms19.1119.05-19.50Rämi C
Bohring Team – Saufhampton23.1119.05-19.50Rämi C